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The Collins Institute

We created the Collins Institute for the Gifted, a new educational paradigm designed to make bring quality, affordable, and unbiased gifted education to scale. 


We promote—through awareness campaigns and policy advocacy—a soft landing to demographic collapse and work to support those who wish to have children (or grow existing families).

The Pragmatist's Guide Series

The Pragmatist's Guides offer pragmatic approaches to key challenges humans face, from finding purpose to finding a spouse and navigating complex organizations.

Community Building

We work to connect mission-driven, action oriented individuals to people, opportunities, and information in a manner designed to amplify their impact.

A New Type of Effective ALTRUISM

The Pragmatist foundation was created to serve as a nexus for an alternate approach to maximizing the positive impact people can achieve with their lives optimized around long-term impact at a civilizational level.

Specifically, we aim to lay the foundations for a diverse, technophilic, interplanetary empire for the descendants of man. 

Rather than making incremental improvements to the status quo, we focus on planting the seed that will blossom into the next great civilization.

We do this by coalescing like-minded families, providing high-quality, affordable gifted education, democratizing nepotism to allow for a truer meritocracy, and supporting reproductive technologies ranging from from genetic screening to artificial wombs. 

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Malcolm Collins

We are not at the moral nexus of human history. There is no past iteration of man present society believes to be largely "right" and there is no reason to believe our time is any different. As such, it is our responsibility to take a pragmatic approach to all issues, exploring them from a first-principles approach, questioning common assumptions, and updating our beliefs when presented with sound evidence.

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